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Your Child Is In Great Hands 

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            Welcome to our family! We know that you're seeking a childcare atmosphere that pride it's self on child safety, educational experiences, love, and fun. You don't need to look any further. Smart Cookie childcare is here to fulfill it's model of developing "ordinary scholars of today into exceptional leaders of tomorrow." We thank you for entrusting SCC will your most precious gift, your child. All children and families are welcome regardless of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. SCC serves an extension to your child’s family, providing a secure and nurturing environment. We guide and nurture your child by building their spiritual, physical, mental, intellectual and social experiences.


Each staff member at SCC is required to meet educational requirements and child safety training to care for your child. SCC staff are trained in the following areas:

  • First Aid

  • Child, Adult and Infant CPR

  • Child Abuse

  • Child Development & More

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Smart Cookie Childcare is a home-based childcare program that provides a nurturing family experience that mirrors the support of a village and helps each scholar reach their highest learning potential through creative educational experiences and a hands-on approach to learning.

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Our vision is to provide a safe, fun, nurturing and intellectual environment that encourages individual scholars to grow to their full learning potential.

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Family childcare in a “home like” setting is the best alternative there is for working parents. It provides a small, secure environment for children during the most important time of their development. Family childcare offers a "home away from home" experience, providing children with “siblings” of all ages, to play, socialize, and learn from.


My goal in providing quality childcare for your child is to provide…    

  • A safe environment


  • A nurturing environment


  • A learning environment… learning is not necessarily the ABC’s and 123’s but is also the learning of values. The learning of honesty, respect, self–reliance, and potential, self-discipline, and moderation, the values of being dependable, love, sensitivity to others, kindness, friendliness and fairness.


  • A proper approach to discipline… Since children occasionally need discipline, it is important that you and I share a similar philosophy so that your child is not too confused as to where the boundaries are and what is expected of him/her. At SCC, children are taught which behaviors are inappropriate, and why, and given alternatives that are acceptable. In this way, the behavior is being changed, without making the child feel “bad” or unloved. This helps develop their self-esteem and teaches them how to handle difficult situations themselves in the future. My approach is first, express my disapproval (without attacking character). Next, state my expectations and show your child how to make amends. Last, give choices because at times a child may be having trouble making choices of their own. We believe this approach helps foster a child-provider relationship.


  • Foster unconditional love… this kind of love is very important to me because children should not grow up feeling that in order to be loved and cared for, they must meet numerous conditions.

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