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Wifi rehacker v1.0 unlock code crack 1

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As of V2, the game contains a debugging menu with a multitude of useful features, such as spawning Golden Cookies with various effects. To unlock it, you can put saysopensesame at the end of your bakery name. Alternatively, you can use the following code:

Changes since previous release:Aaro Koskinen (3): cpio: add ownership (-R) test cases patch: fix debug log failure patch: fix matching failureBartosz Golaszewski (1): i2cdump: don't use common_bufsiz1Brian Foley (2): awk: fix segfault on for loop syntax error udhcpc: check read of option length byte to be within packetDenys Vlasenko: build system: fix a few warnings for allnoconfig build build system: fix include/NUM_APPLETS.h generation build system: make CONFIG_FEATURE_USE_BSS_TAIL less funky examples/var_service/fw: optionally flush all netdevs; optionally prefer one 0/0 routing examples/var_service/fw do not ruin $if[], use different name examples/var_service/supplicant_if: new service example examples: add a useful "see abridged log" script for ntpd service example examples: add example of a DHCP server examples: update var_service/README config: disentangle PREFER_APPLETS from SH_STANDALONE and SH_NOFORK trylink: use "mktemp tmp.XXXXXXXXXX" to placate OS X getopt32: add new syntax of 'o:+' and 'o:*' for -o NUM and -o LIST libbb/speed_table.c: survive B115200 and B230400 not fitting into 16 bits libbb/xwrite: print errno on "short write" errors libbb: do not use fflush_unlocked, musl does not like fflush_unlocked(NULL) libbb: handle \S in /etc/issue libbb: make xmalloc_sockaddr2dotted use NI_NUMERICSCOPE libbb: send_to_from: do not require that "to" should have the same AF. Closes 9146 lineedit: fix completion with applet names. Closes 9361 lineedit: fix two bugs in SIGWINCH signal handling libiproute: eliminate some redundant zero stores ash: [EXPAND] Do not split quoted VSLENGTH and VSTRIM ash: [EXPAND] Fix ifsfirst/ifslastp leak ash: [EXPAND] Optimise nulonly away and just use quoted as before ash: [EXPAND] Removed herefd hack ash: [EXPAND] Split unquoted $@/$* correctly when IFS is set but empty ash: [JOBS] Fix dowait signal race ash: [MEMALLOC] Add pushstackmark ash: [MEMALLOC] Made grabstackblock an inline wrapper for stalloc ash: [PARSER] Add nlprompt/nlnoprompt helpers ash: [PARSER] Do not show prompts in expandstr ash: [PARSER] Fix parsing of $##1 ash: [PARSER] Handle backslash newlines properly after dollar sign ash: [PARSER] Recognise here-doc delimiters terminated by EOF ash: [PARSER] Report substition errors at expansion time ash: [PARSER] Size optimisations in parameter expansion parser ash: [REDIR] Move null redirect checks into caller ash: [REDIR] Remove EMFILE special case ash: [REDIR] Remove redundant CLOEXEC calls ash: [REDIR] Replace copyfd by savefd and use dup2 elsewhere ash: [SHELL] Expand ENV before using it ash: [SHELL] Move flushall to the point just before _exit ash: [SIGNAL] Remove EXSIG ash: [VAR] Initialise OPTIND after importing environment ash: [VAR] Remove setvarsafe ash: [VAR] Sanitise environment variable names on entry ash: add a FIXME for bug 9246 ash: add comment explaining "set -e; $(cmd)" discrepancy ash: all blocks in function node copying must be SHELL_ALIGNed ash: comment out free(p) just before _exit, tweak some outdated comments ash: delete leftovers from "simplify EOF/newline handling in list parser" commit ash: do not leave SIGQUIT ignored on "exec CMD" ash: eval: Return status in eval functions ash: expand: Fixed "$@" expansion when EXP_FULL is false ash: explain EXP_REDIR and why we (dont) glob redir filenames ash: fix "duplicate local" code (forgot to re-enable interrupts) ash: fix "return N" not setting $? in loop conditionals ash: fix arithmetic closing )) split by backslash-newline ash: fix globbing bugs when using glibc glob() ash: fix handling of $VAR: -2 ash: fix handling of NULs in $'abc\000def\x00asd'. Closes 9286 ash: fix handling of bashism $'xxx' with high-bit chars. Closes 9236 ash: fix interactive "command eval STRING" exiting on errors ash: fix return_in_trap1.tests failure ash: get rid of two global data variables ash: if using libc glob(), skip it if no metachars are in word ash: in heredoc code, fix access past the end of allocated memory. Closes 9276 ash: input: Allow two consecutive calls to pungetc ash: jobs: Don't attempt to access job table for job %0 ash: make internal globbing code selectable from config ash: make popfile() anfter popallfiles() safe ash: move ifsbreakup() and ifsfree() up ash: open-code blocking_dowait_with_raise_on_sig() ash: optimize tryexec(): avoid one allocation ash: partially sync with dash on "fork if traps are set" logic ash: placate gcc: "warning: ! is only applied to the left hand side of ==" ash: reduce code differences from upstream ash: remove dead stores and unused variables ash: remove unused EXSHELLPROC ash: return to DOWAIT_* constants similar to dash, no logic changes ash: support "--" in "source" builtin ash: undo "tokname hack" ash: use glob() from libc ash: use pause(), not sigsuspend(), in wait builtin ash: use shellparam.optind/optoff in getopts() directly, not through pointers ash: while (!got_sig) pause() is not reliable, use sigsuspend() hush: "wait $!; echo $?" should return 127 if $! already exited hush: 'return' should have effect earlier hush: G.user_input_buf[] is needed only if line editing is enabled hush: `cmd` and arithmetic also need the fix for FILE rewind hush: add commented-out debug printouts in "memleak" built-in hush: add func6.tests hush: add var4.tests, var5.tests hush: allow cmd to not be terminated by semicolon in some cases hush: do not allow sh -c ' echo boo ' hush: do not leak script fds into NOEXEC children hush: document better where bad redirect syntax is detected hush: enable "msh is deprecated" message in msh stub hush: factor out %jobspec parsing hush: fix "(sleep 1; exit 3) & sleep 2; echo $?; wait $!; echo $?" hush: fix ". EMPTY_LINE" not setting $? to 0 hush: fix "redirects can close script fd" bug hush: fix "wait PID" hush: fix 'eval ""' handling hush: fix a bug in FEATURE_SH_STANDALONE=y config. Closes 9186 hush: fix a memory corruption when exported variable is modified hush: fix exitcode on exec failure with EACCES - should be 126 hush: fix handling of by backslash-newline in $((arith)) and $(cmd) hush: fix interactive input handling of backslash+newline hush: fix var3.tests hush: implement "wait %jobspec" hush: make "wait %1" less likely to play with signal mask hush: make getch/peek functions directly called hush: non-matching "case" statement sets $? to 0 hush: rework "wait %jobspec" to work in non-interactive shells too hush: rework input char buffering to allow more than one-deep peek hush: simplify insert_bg_jobs cp: fix -i for POSIX mode. Closes 9106 cp: make verbose cp show symlink copies too cpio: fix restoration of file ownership, closes 9306 df: implement -B n and -B formats of -B option dhcp: merge files.c into dhcpd.c dhcp: merge leases.c and static_leases.c into dhcpd.c dhcp: merge most of static_leases.c into dhcpd.c dnsdomainname: split it from "hostname", make it independently selectable dpkg-deb: remove unused FEATURE_DPKG_DEB_EXTRACT_ONLY config option fdisk: fix CONFIG_FEATURE_SUN_LABEL=y build fdisk: print much less cryptic partition table fdisk: sanitize partition name printing; drop "Code" column; get rid of one static var fdisk_gpt: simplify GPT partition name printing find: fix handling of trailing slashes in -name PATTERN comparisons hexdump: fix numerous bugs in handling of backslashes httpd: explain why we use sprintf and why it should be fine ifplugd: if SIOCSIFFLAGS fails with ENODEV, don't die ifupdown: rewrite state file atomically ifupdown: when flushing addresses with "ip", add label %label% init: fix for FreeBSD console opening. Closes 9031 install: fix musl problem with dirname ip: fix an improper optimization: req.r.rtm_scope may be nonzero here ipneigh: add this shortcur similar to other "ip " shortcuts less: fall back to using fd #1 for keyboard reading. Closes 9231 less: fix SEGV less: fix bracket search to match behavior of less 481 less: switch off nonblock on kbd_fd before exit loadfont: 32k size limit is not enough makedevs: make special node creation idempotent man: allow nroff and tbl commands be overridden; unmangle writing to files man: fix parsing of "DEFINE pager xyz". Closes 8976 man: make width selection more thorough; explain how to override it man: remove -Tascii from nroff invocation mdev: create devices from /sys/dev more: accept and ignore a bunch of options mount: for cifs, dont insert "ip=ADDR" option if user gave it explicitly mount: tweak "IPv6 scoped addr" commit ntpd: daemonize before DNS resolution sed: fix "sed n (flushes pattern space, terminates early)" testcase failure sendmail: make it possible to pause after connection helper is started sha3: fix to conform to final SHA3 padding standard, add -a BITS option su: expand help; simplify passing of -c CMD to run_shell() svc: new applet (daemontools-compatible version of "sv") tar: handle pax-encoded utf8 filenames and link names. Closes 9406 tc: consolidate its disabled bits tcpsvd: don't keep shared fd open if fd limit is reached. Closes 9331 telnetd: fix a corner case where CRLF->CR translation can misbehave telnetd: fix corner case of input processing of 0xff bytes telnetd: fix handling of short writes to pty telnetd: ifdef out a buggy error handling code path telnetd: treat all 2-byte IACs in 240..249 range as NOPs test: make [ and [[ forms individually selectable test: memory leak: free group id list top: move free(prev_hist) out of signal path traceroute: cleanup and fixes for packet size calculations udhcpc: check read of overload option data byte to be within packet udhcpc: run "deconfig" script in manual renew state too. Closes 9061 unshare: --network should be --net. Closes 9116 vi: fix '' command (goto to prev context) vi: make "g" error message less likely to show garbage wget/ssl_helper: update to wolfssl-3.9.8 wget/ssl_helper: strip was invoked incorrectly wget: run s_client helper with -servername HOST wget: there is no -s option in GNU Wget 1.18, we should be compatible wget: treat 201,202,203 as success codes too. Closes 9211 whois: implement -i whois: make it actually work md5,shaNsum: make -c EMPTY failFrancis Rounds (1): svlogd: strip leading '!' from processor linesHauke Mehrtens (1): libnetlink: fix alignment of netlink messagesJonas Danielsson (1): ping: populate icmp_id field for "simple" ping tooKang-Che Sung (1): docs: Update filenames in keep_data_small.txtLinus Walleij (1): AUTHORS: Add myself to AUTHORSLukasz Nowak (1): libiproute: handle table ids larger than 255Mike Frysinger (4): modutils: support finit_module syscall mdev.conf: rename hw_random to hwrng setfiles: fix build failure after common_bufsiz change selinux: drop deprecated headersMiroslav Lichvar (1): ntpd: respond only to client and symmetric active packetsNatanael Copa (4): df: use f_frsize instead of f_bsize for correct sizes lineedit: trivial codeshrink for vi-mode gzip: fix compression level bug. Closes 9131 gzip: add test that checks that -9 compresses better than -1Peter Korsgaard (1): udhcpc: Unconditionally call deconfig script, not only if lease is activeRon Yorston (2): libbb: suppress warning about run_applet_and_exit ash: return exit status of nofork appletsRostislav Skudnov (2): ash: exit after subshell error when errexit option is set lineedit: fix handling of repeating Alt-b, Alt-f, Alt-d, Alt-BackspaceSerj Kalichev (1): volume_id: Add support for UBIFSTito Ragusa (1): strings: implement -t radix 350c69d7ab


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