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Tf2 Female Classes Mod [HOT]

Originally, the model did not include a soundpack, leaving the original voice playing while players ran around as a woman. However, on Feburary 16th, 2012, DustyOldRoses released one, including redone lines for all of the Scout's original lines, as well as gender neutral and gender specific lines for players who use other female class mods.

tf2 female classes mod

The amount of proposed cosmetic items for Guard Dog also illustrate just how meticulously this joke character was thought out; Team Fortress 2 has affectionately been referred to as "America's number 1 war-themed hat simulato" due to the increasingly large amount of cosmetic items that players can give to their favorite classes and Guard Dog wouldn't have missed out on the festivities, if the player base had their say. Everything from superhero capes to thematic dog collars were proposed as potential cosmetic items Guard Dog players could obtain and give to their respective four legged avatars to help them stand out from the crowd. 350c69d7ab


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