Creating Leaders of Tomorrow

SCC Activities 

Smart Cookie Childcare believes that learning should be fun! We offer several opportunities for your scholar to engage in learning.

Group Play

  • Singing

  • Dancing

  • Imaginative play and  acting

  • Educational Games

  • Reading

  •  Listening to tapes (story and music)

  • Circle time


Free Play

Children have a choice of :

  • Blocks

  • Kitchen toys

  • Dolls and accessories

  • Large Blocks/Legos

  • Play sets

  • Household toys

  • Pull/push toys

  • Art materials

  •  Watch limited television (Kid-friendly, Educational programs).



  • Nursery rhymes

  • Finger plays

  • Stimulus pictures or objects to encourage verbalization

  • Reading to the children

  • flannel boards

  • Labeling and naming 


Dramatic play

  • Dress up

  • Role playing

  • Puppetry, etc.


Outdoor play: (weather Permitting)

  • Swinging

  • Climbing

  • Riding toys

  • Running

  • Ball playing

  • Gardening toys

  • Trucks

  • Strolling dolls

(please remember to dress your child appropriately for the weather, if in doubt, dress in layers or bring extra clothes)


Special Activities

  • Birthdays/holiday parties

  • Preparation for holiday activities

  • Recipe activities

Daily Schedule

  •  Arrival and Greeting (Health and Safety Screening)

  • Television Time (30mins) (Early Arrival)

  • Breakfast and clean up

  • Bathroom and/or diaper change and hand washing, Teeth brushing

  • Infants usually nap in the morning as well as the afternoon

  • Circle time (including calendar, songs, finger plays, story time etc.)

  • Arts and crafts or other learning activity

  •  Bathroom and/or diaper change and hand washing

  • Outdoor play (weather permitting) or other large muscle activity

  • Television Time (30mins) (preparation for lunch)

  • Hand washing

  •  Lunch and clean up

  • Nap time

  • Bathroom and/or diaper change and hand washing

  •  Snack and clean up

  •  Science/Exploration Time

  • Outdoor Activities (weather permitting)

  • Free play

  • Parents arrive to pick up children